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How to Find the Best Welding Tool Kit

Today we focus on welding kits for beginners. If you are new to welding, you must be wondering if the type of kit you buy has an impact on your journey as an apprentice. Well, the answer is – YES! It does.  In today's post, we explain why it matters and how to find the best welding kit. Buying a welding kit as a new welder will help you get a head start in your journey as a welder. It will provide you with the welding necessary tools that you need to have when you are inexperienced. Once you have progressed and are gain experienced enough, then you can choose your separate tools and equipment for your kit.

 Welding Kit For Beginners Explained

Team Welding Tools Geek believes that the best welding kit for newbies has more than just entry-level welding tools. The purpose of a welding kit is to go further and provide you with a comprehensive set of additional equipment, necessary gear, and tools to get you started. The biggest mistake we have seen beginners do is order a welder and a few basic tools that are usually not enough to start welding and learning. After you have begun and hit a roadblock, you realize that you aren't fully equipped to progress further. This can dampen your motivation to continue learning, and you have to wait a long time to receive the additional items you need. We aim to inform you about the items you need in a kit and how to identify a reliable quality variant that will suit your needs with this article. You can also use the practical information provided in this guide to buying separate tools that a kit lacks. 

Choosing The Cheapest Welder Kit

When you go online searching for entry-level kits, you will come across several low-cost rookie welding kits that are virtually the same but available in different colors and under different brand names. These are the same welders and kits that are imported from China. Although the experts look down upon these kits, we at Welding Tools Geek think that they are an excellent option to consider if you have a minimal budget. Such welder kits are also a great option if you are trying your hand at welding to figure out if it's something you would be interested in learning. 

Tools To Look For In The Best Welding Kit for Beginners

For starters, a welding kit will have a welder as well as the following tools and gear:

1.  Welding Wire Spool
A good welding kit will come with a spool of wire compatible with the welder. The small spool of wire will allow you to lay down some beads and be assured that the welder's quality, the wire, and the beads are well-matched. We suggest that you try and invest in a good quality kit with a welder and wire to ensure that everything works well. 

2. Contact Tips
The kit should come with a contact tip, as well as a spare. Higher-end welding kits usually have two spares that match precisely with the size of the wire that the welder from the kit uses. It is usual for a beginner to burn through a couple of tips at least while learning because you will have to determine the right stick out, the sped of feeding the wire, and distance.

3. Face Protection Gear
Protecting your face and easy is vital when you are welding because the emissions can cause severe damage. Generally, most welding kits come with some face protection gear, usually a mask. Lower-end kits tend to have a low-quality handheld mask that doesn't last very long or provide ample protection. Better quality and pricier welding kits come with a full helmet. The experts at Welding Tools Geek believe that full entry-level helmets are better and a much safer choice.

4. ​Wire Brush and Chipping Hammer
If you choose a welding kit from a reputable manufacturer that offers a range of welding tools and equipment, you will probably get a wire scratch brush and/or a chipping hammer to clean your project piece before working.

5. Gloves
Like your face and eyes, it is crucial to protect your hands and arms while welding. Although many kits on sale will have gloves designer particularly for welding, if your kit doesn't come with welding gloves, make sure to order a pair.

​6. Bonus items
Best beginning welding kits might also have bonus items that you may need from the start. However, these additional items may drive the kit higher, so make sure that these items are necessary before you invest in a kit.

7. Things To Look For In A Welder In The Welding Kit
The welder is an essential part of your welder kit. The welder usually determines the quality of the welder kit. It is most likely that a kit will have an entry-level welder that is best suited for light to medium-duty tasks that involve thinner metals of the lower gauge.

Following are the essential considerations you should keep in mind when looking at a welder in a welding kit:
. Duty cycle
. Amp
. Output power
. Ease of use

We at Welding Tools Geek hope that this guide was helpful and practical. Welding is an exciting hobby; we hope that this article encouraged you to try your hand at welding and to seek the best welding kit the market has to offer.


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